Fikisha Miller, Esq.

by Naiomi Pitre


Fikisha Miller has lived a life of varied experiences.  She has been married and divorced.  She has been a waitress, a teacher, a prosecutor, solo practitioner, and a criminal defense attorney.  Having lived on four continents, Miller has seen different cultures first-hand, up close and personal.  The wealth of experience she has accumulated makes her especially qualified to sit on the bench as judge for the District Court, Department 19, in Las Vegas.  The 2020 election will give you the opportunity to put her there.


Being a no-nonsense type of guy, Fikisha’s father sat her down when she was only thirteen and stated plainly, “You only have five years until you turn eighteen.  You have to get a job, be in school, or be out of my house by then.”  This forced her to think seriously about what type of life she wanted, who she wished to be, and what she was good at doing.  It was then that Fikisha Miller knew she would spend her life practicing law.


That is precisely what Miller has been doing for the past eighteen years.  After attending Howard University and graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in communications, she moved on to Tulane University to acquire her law degree.  She comes from a strong military family, where her father served in the United States Air Force.  This allowed her to see many far away parts of the world, such as Japan, but she spent most of her adult life in Tennessee where most of her family is from.  


When her ex-husband received a job offer to relocate to Las Vegas, Fikisha jumped at the chance.  She has lived here for the past six years and loves the energy that the city exudes, as well as the natural beauty of the Southwest.  In her personal down time, she enjoys completing home renovations.  Recently, she spent one hundred hours hand painting the floors of her last home to recreate the floors of a house she had seen a picture of located in Morocco!  As a matter of fact, Miller reveals that she would probably have been an architect if she hadn’t followed her pursuits in the field of law.


Fikisha would like to encourage the people of Las Vegas to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming election.  She believes that the public is unaware of how much power they really hold with regards to the legal system.  


“We elect our judges, the Sheriff, and the District Attorney here.  If you do not like what you see, get up and vote.  There are over four dozen seats up for election.  This is a rare opportunity to seize your power.  Now is the time to vote for fair judges,” Miller implores.


As far as District Court, Department 19, Fikisha Miller will bring all of her past experiences with her to the bench.  She has held positions as a judicial commissioner, general counsel for a construction firm, and even as a juror in a civil trial.  She has the utmost respect of her peers, colleagues, and every judge that she has appeared before.  Having never been disciplined by a bar association or had her actions reversed by a court of law, she is a true public servant who loves her community.  


“I don’t believe that there is another candidate in the race that can say the same.”


This article originally published in DECEMBER 2019 EDITION of

The Urban Voice, Las Vegas on Friday, December 6, 2019.  

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